Patricia, USA

I'm still in India, in my volunteering assignment in Chennai. I'm writing to tell you what an incredible trip we are having in southern India. It really surpassed our expectations! (And as you probably know our expectations were pretty high). Every little detail on the program was taken care of with the utmost of care. The project coordinator the staff and especially the people are terrific! The hotels chosen are marvellous and the daily routine gives us a lot of time to teach at the school along with ample for exploring different areas of India.

We especially want to thank our coordinator Charles, who makes sure that everything runs smoothely and flawlessly. His knowledge and his warm personality add a great deal to our trip.

We thank you graciously for all the difference our trip has been able to make in the Children’s life as well as our own. This trip is unforgettable! Meaningful Journeys.

Fiona Parker, Ireland

The project at Goa was wonderful and we managed to build and achieve everything we planned in the beginning. We became very close to the staff and children. You can imagine how we felt saying goodbye. However, it comforted us to know that what we had achieved was to make a huge difference.

Rene, Holland

I have such fond memories of our trip to Jaipur. It looks as if I shall be out again for the March trip and bringing my son as well. We are all intending to work at the old age home again. It has given me a great sense of purpose and a meaning to be able to put myself in a position which can serve others.

Anne Maria, Denmark

We spent the days working with our group and the Meaningful journeys coordinator at the shelter for the children in Delhi who had vacations due to the festive season. So our group did a list of supplies required , works to be completed etc and we actually went out shopping for same. The children were very enthusiastic and fast learners. They are now able to do candle making and have already informed us that they would soon be able to put some up for sale for the festive period. I feel so proud of them. Thank you for making my journey really MEANINGFUL.

Brian, UK

We want to thank you for putting together a wonderful experience for us in India. India humbled me with its hospitable people who despite their everyday hardships always had a welcoming smile for us. We worked at Bal Prakash for a month and the experience with the children would always stay close to our heart. I would like to recommend project coordinator Shruti who decimated all our worries on coming to India and working with the people here. You have a amazing country!