WHO WE AREAbout Meaningful Journeys

Meaningful Journeys is India's practical human & environment development & support organization. Since 1995, the organization has endeavoured to support encourage and organize individuals, groups and other travel and corporate organizations to take on a journey of responsible and ethical humanitarian benefit by working together on practical development projects. We work directly with volunteers and volunteering companies to reach a audience in direct need of a helping hand.

We encourage devotion and donation of your work hours, your unused stuff and most importantly your love, affection and support. It is your kind words which can make a vulnerable person SMILE.

The concept of supporting causes started with our parent company being actively involved with local communities through tourism. As we commercially worked closely with them we realized on personal interactions how much is lacking in terms of infrastructural requirements .. sometimes even the basics.

Like most of us .. our initial thoughts were .. why doesn't somebody do something about it.

So everybody looked for that somebody and that something .. till we realized that no matter how small our effort or how minute our reach we could all make a difference only if we tried. Hence all we do today is make the effort ..TRY.

As a corporate company we adopted villages when the Tsunami hit our land .. to ensure that the fishing community could get back to its own feet. We worked as a group taking a street walk to ensure that one of the street children adopted by a NGO could get a better education. We spend special weekends donated to working at a old age home where companionship and love is all that is seeked and given in abundance .

And then came the thought of forming a path which would lead many to find a way of helping the causes make a change.

Across India the path today leads us on MEANINGFUL JOURNEYS.


To drive a force for change. To attract and organize a force of volunteers in practical development projects for the betterment of India's populace and environment.