Is this your Gap Year! Or looking for meaningful Interns, On the go for a Volunteer

Gappers around the world, invest the time they spent volunteering on their gap year as the best and most rewarding part of their travels. It’s a chance to settle into a local community, make friends, save money and above all help those in need of your skills and strength. Volunteering abroad on your gap year is a great way to make the most of your year out.

There are abundantly of volunteer opportunities. You could do anything from contribution to volunteer with animals to teaching English as a foreign language pretty much anywhere, including Delhi, Pushkar, Jodhpur or Kolkata. If you’re still at university or in between education you can also check out the many student volunteer programs in India there are for you to get stuck into.



We deliver volunteer work, gap year & Internships in Indian subcontinent to overseas students, gap year travelers and career breakers to come and help in India. Our planners have more than 15 years of experience successfully hosting more than 4000 foreign volunteers since 1995. We are closely associated closely with NGOs in India and partner with many global establishments providing volunteers meaningful work at the grassroots level.

It is hard to find an affordable, trusted and reliable volunteer program in India, Meaningful journeys provides affordable, safe and meaningful volunteer programs in India. We offer a variety of programs, internships. Gap year programs, cultural exchange programs in India, where one can choose to volunteer in different parts of India. Our programs include working with Orphans, Women Empowerment Programs, Health/HIV programs, Teaching English, Summer Volunteer Programs, Street Children programs and more. You can join our programs in India, as an individual, as a group or even choose to volunteer in India with your family.

Volunteering Opportunities

Travel to India and participate in a volunteering program. Participants can explore the Indian culture, lifestyle, and society. You can offer your time to help communities around the Indian subcontinent that need your help right now. Some are desperately in need of water, of food, of education and of medical and social care. If you have experience or an interest in any of these areas your skills and enthusiasm will be well placed on one of our volunteer abroad projects.


India is the classic destination for volunteering abroad. With brilliant people and amazing grass root programs volunteer abroad in India is always an excellent experience. Volunteers in India can expect a strong and friendly population welcoming all cultures and races.

India has vast possibilities for volunteering. It is one of the fastest growing and developing nations in the world and still poverty and illiteracy remain key issues within India. Meaningful Journeys works with local NGO's in India and help bring a change to the lives of the subjugated. Volunteers can make a huge difference in the lives of street kids in places like Delhi, work with local NGO's supporting women empowerment, teach English at local community schools and also help in hospitals and clinics to bring a change in the lives of local people.


  • Registration Fee

    (refundable if you choose not to go)

    Constant support from Meaningful Journeys staff, program marketing costs, information pack, administration costs, travel costs to inspect programs and communication costs with volunteers.

  • Program Fee


    Airport pick-up/drop, orientation, program supervision, accommodation and meals during volunteer program period, in-country 24/7 volunteer support and in-country administration costs.


Meaningful Voluntourism

  • Gone are the days when people simply stopover at places and look in from the outside through Conventional sightseeing activities.

  • We confidently believe that meaningful volunteering is the best way to truly engage and interact with people and places.

  • We simply love our country! Our trips are designed to highlight diversity and contrasts in the people, landscape and culture that will make you fall in love with India.

How it works

Choose the Program
Submit the application
We will contact you with application acceptance
Click the link in the acceptance email, pay the registration fee
We work on finalizing your placement
Get ready for adventure.
Pay the Program fees.
Start planning and booking flights, travel insurance, visas, vaccinations etc.
Within a day or two of registration, you will receive your verification letter and Volunteer handbook guide which will help you prepare for your placement.
  • Accommodations

    We try to maintain best possible levels of accommodation for our volunteers, rooms are nice, chic and cleaned and hygienic bathrooms with toiletries.

  • Meals

    We provide wholesome, healthy and hygienic meals throughout your project. Most of the meals will be traditional Indian cuisine.

  • Safety

    This is very important and most concerned to us, please be informed whether you are an experienced traveler or a first timer, India could be tough. We ensure all the measures for your safety throughout the trip.

  • Transport

    We have our own fleet of transport; all our drivers are well versed and experienced. All your transfers, excursions and auxiliary services are catered through in-house transport.

Volunteering Projects

All our volunteering projects are carefully designed by our project development team and well knitted will your travel needs and schedule. There is no need of prior experience, we will make arrangements and place you to the project where you best fit in.

Waste Management

India receives millions of International and domestic tourists to its land. With so many tourists the vast amount of waste is accumulated at its tourist spots. We place with NGO concerned with such waste management contributing their part to make a clear and safer India!

  • Dharamshala and Dehradun
  • 01 Week to 2 months

Animal care

India is a home to many species of animals; some animals are one the verge of extinct. Volunteers will be placed in animal rescue centers, where they will be engaged in working for these animals, bathing, feeding, caring, preparing shelters and meals and much more activities are involved.

  • Jaipur and Agra
  • 01 Week to 2 months

Tour Boltons

The Exciting Junk

While volunteering, spare some time for touring and exploring this beautiful land further. Whether its city orientation tour, village stay or going for a jungle safari or relaxing at the beach India has much to offer and explore. You will get a chance to interact with locals and be a part of them, uncover ancient traditions, trying your palate with local delicacies, fetch the cultural or admire the architecture. We can offer you village tours, photography tours, Cycling tours, cuisine tours, yoga tours, Heritage tours, Cultural tours.

Weekend trips

Agra Bolton, Jaipur Bolton, Amritsar Bolton, Masoorie Bolton,Tiger Safari Bolton, and Golden Triangle trip.

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Responsible Tourism

Meaningful Journeys supports Sustainable and responsible tourism. Hi Tours is India's practical human   environment development   support organization. Since 2000, the organization has endeavored to support encourage and organize individuals, groups and other travel and corporate organizations to take on a journey of responsible and ethical humanitarian benefit by working together on practical development projects.